And so, the Journey begins…

The Pinnacle List

…Well, not quite. I have already begun my journey– the pursuit of exploration. I always have had a desire to go places. Explore things I have never seen. Experience the unknown of this beautiful planet… after all, what is life without new adventure?

My journey began in my birthplace, Aurora, Illinois. I lived in Chicagoland (the suburbs of Chicago) for nearly 15 years, then followed the Mississippi south to Arkansas. Adjusting to the new culture was difficult–especially school. My school was out in the boondocks of Izard County, with a total of 38 people in my graduating class. All white, and most were never exposed to a different world. I craved to escape this reality, and I soon made my first trip, alone, during my time at Arkansas State University in Mountain Home.

New York City was the perfect destination during New Years. I saw most of the “important” sites, including the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and Chinatown. New Years Eve was spent in Times Square amongst a maddened and freezing crowd. The situation for the first few hours was nightmare-ish. Most individuals were huddled in groups, waiting for midnight to strike. Some, I call crazies, had been waiting since the day before, just to get a spot close enough to the ball and Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve celebration. As the night progressed, I realized how magical this situation was. All around me, I could hear people in many different dialects, singing and dancing along with the performances several blocks ahead. I finally felt enveloped by the world, and it was a beautiful feeling.

As I write this blog post from the couch of my boyfriend’s mom, in Las Vegas, I feel thankful for the travel opportunities I have been given. I have high hopes for the future, and I wish to express passion to all of you. This blog is devoted to the locations I have my eye on, and several I have already experienced. No, this isn’t a normal travel guide filled with advice on where to go, or what to see. My wish is for you to see the wonders of the world as I do, and to inspire you to start your own life’s journey.


3 thoughts on “And so, the Journey begins…

  1. Travelling is also my passion so I look forward to hear about some nice places where I should go as long as I am studying at UCA. New Years eve in New York sounds pretty good, I should think about it…
    I am really excited about the next post!

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