The Jewel of the South Pacific

I’m more than halfway through my final semester of College, and I want to do absolutely nothing. You have probably already determined that based on my lack of blogging last week. Sorry guys, I just haven’t been in the zone, but after a quick Google search for the best places in the world to visit, I finally found some good content. #3 on the list was the French Polynesian island, Bora Bora. Ohhhh man, I wanted to leave my seat, hop on a plane, and forget about the rest of my assignments. It is an astoundingly beautiful island. Have a look:

Image result for Bora Bora

These huts are a staple of Bora Bora, each of which are customized to fit each and every guest. Some parts of the floor within these huts are made of glass, providing a nice view of the ocean-life below…Image result for Bora Bora hut floor

Bora Bora isn’t very far from Tahiti, but it is considered more of an exclusive destination. Generally visited by Honeymooners, Bora Bora provides many simple pleasures such as private sunset cruises, astrology tours, surfing lessons, snorkeling trips, and whale watching excursions. There are plenty of spa options on the island to top off the trip with a relaxing hot-stone massage on the beach.

Of course, if relaxing isn’t really your speed, there are much more adventurous options on the island. Tours are given in groups through Jeep safaris, or they can be given to individuals through buggy rentals. A few spots to check out include the volcanic crater responsible for the islands of Tahiti,  waterfalls within the jungle lush, and sugarcane plantations within the island core.


Image result for bora bora volcano
The mountain in the background is the volcanic crater of Bora Bora

I haven’t been here yet, but I am intrigued by the endless beauty of this island. Note that this is an exclusive destination, and if you wish to visit, plan for it a few years in advance, as the trip can be quite expensive. In the long run, you won’t regret a trip to this luxurious destination.


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