Sweet Home, Chicago

With this being the last blog post for the semester, I want to wrap up my blog with the city that forever has my heart–Chicago. I grew up in the suburbs of the windy city, and continue to feel drawn to aspects of life here. The food, the sites, and the Cubs are this city’s pride … More Sweet Home, Chicago

The Great White North

With the election finally coming to a close, many of you are making life plans for the next four years. Though many are you are content with the outcome, some  are feeling quite anxious, and are considering joining our neighbors to the north. Canada has plenty to offer, both in cultural value and natural beauty. … More The Great White North

Happy Fall Y’all

This week, I thought I’d take a break from talking about international travel, and focus on some local adventures. As most of you already know, I live in the heart of Arkansas, and as of two days ago, Autumn has arrived. This means we can all finally go outside without dying of heat exhaustion! Seriously, … More Happy Fall Y’all

A Land Down Under

A unique world of its own, Australia has always been a dream destination of mine. This beautiful land is teeming with a variety of rare creatures, seen nowhere else in the world. Though the culture has been highly influenced by western civilization, the natives, or Aborigine, have maintained a significant presence in this region for hundreds … More A Land Down Under

Vem para quebrar Kuduro, vamos dançar Kuduro

“Uhhh… what?” Is probably what you’re asking. That title is Portuguese for “Come shake your hips, come dance kuduro”. You may already be able to guess the concept of this blog post–Portugal. I had the pleasure to join a high school friend on a trip to this European country, which was my first time traveling … More Vem para quebrar Kuduro, vamos dançar Kuduro